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File: Sherwood – 1×04 – Episode 4.HDTV.ORGANiC.en

This programme contains some scenes
which some viewers may find upsetting

from the start, deals with Suicide,
and contains some strong language

Do you know what a spy cop is?

Gary Jackson reckoned there was
an undercover cop in the village.

Came under a false name and stayed.

– Did he mention a name?
– Is that why you think he was killed?

You have a great pretender
in your midst.

And I’ll warrant that mad bastard
in the woods knows who it might be.

– It’s Jenny Ryan.
– Jenny Ryan?

If there were anything amiss

or anything new about
that night, I need to know.

The person that signed for Sarah’s
missed package the day before

was Andy Fisher.



Oh, come on!

– Shit!
– At least you’ve had

plenty of practice
digging yourself out of holes!

You know you used
that joke last time, right?

Yeah, well, stop getting yourself
in the bunker, then, week on week.

Uh, Amy?

Etiquette – I’m first to putt.

Etiquette can do one
when I’m this far ahead.

And I haven’t even had my espresso.

– What’s that?
– What the…?

Where’s that come from?

Amy? Amy!


Amy! Don’t move, yeah? Stay low!

– Jacob, I’m scared!
– Keep still!

Somebody help us!

Amy… Amy!

Amy. Give me your leg, yeah?

I’ll pull you in. We have to
get you off the green, yeah?

No, it hurts!


Don’t kill him

when you find him, whatever you do.

Please. I hate him

– but don’t kill him.
– We’re not gonna kill him.

No, but he’s running, isn’t he?

So please don’t…

He’s not dangerous.

He’s not.

This, um…

This other man we’re looking for
in the woods,

Scott Rowley…

…he fired an arrow
into your father’s train.

I mean, why might he have done that?

Maybe that’s what freaked my dad out.

Maybe that’s why something,
like, snapped in him.

I don’t know. The PTSD or whatever…

Yeah. I suppose what I’m asking is,

it’s possible Scott knows or suspects

who this ex-undercover officer is.

Now, do you think it’s possible

that your dad could have,
once upon a time…

My dad?

He’s uncomfortable enough
in his own skin,

let alone someone else’s.


He’s just a normal man.

He likes trains.

He has early nights.


I just wanna look him in his eyes again.

I wanna know why.


…two men on the run now.

A search area that’s too big.

It’s time to push that button, Ian.

The ACC have authorised

the deployment of hundreds of officers

from other forces to come
here. A national response.

What other forces?

Oh, no.

– Ian…
– No, not the fucking Met.

They have the resources, they have…

I’m not having those bastards back here!

What are our other options? The Army?

I’m sorry, Chief, but you weren’t here.

This place remembers…

I remember – how they behaved last time.

Oh, I don’t believe this.

All I know is, as my
Senior Investigating Officer,

I’m gonna need you to bury
whatever personal feelings

or private doubts you have.

I need you to stand next to me

and tell everyone that
everything’s gonna be OK.

The fucking Met?

And they’re gonna be
descending on the village?

No, not descending. Assisting.

And I will remain as SIO. And this
time, they’re here to help.

We came to help the last time.

Scott, we assume,

is prepared for a long stay
surviving outside.

He’s armed with a range of weapons

and prepared to use them.

Andy, on the other hand, is improvising.

He’s not prepared to stay out.

We have no idea what his intentions are

or his mental state,

so, yes, I’m sorry, we need
the assistance of the Met.

And they’re arriving today.
Several hundred of them.

It’s a size and scale

that’ll make this one of the country’s

largest ever manhunts, and we need
to be ready for them.

These are a new generation
of Met officers,

nothing to do with anything
that may have happened

in the past.

Let us be professional, cooperative

but focused.

They’ll come here, help us
apprehend these two

and then they will leave.

Right, let’s go.


Yeah, thank you. Ten minutes.

I’ve got to reassure people.

They find out the Met are coming up,

they’re not gonna be too pleased,

so I’ve organised a mini town
hall at the primary school,

talk to parents as they’re
dropping off their kids.

I need you to do it.
Look, it’s your force,

so you need to represent them.

Tell them not to worry.

Tell them that it will be
different this time.

Mrs Harris?

Look, I know… Thank you.

I know, I know, I know, but, look,

they needed somebody to address…

You couldn’t have politely
just stood aside

– and let another detective come?
– I didn’t ask to come here.

Because, frankly, we’re all feeling
the pressure here at the moment,

and being cornered

– in my own school?
– Oh, come on, Jenny!

I would never corner you.

They wanted it to be a Met officer,

and right now
I’m the sole representative.

– Morning, morning.
– Mrs Sparrow.

DI Salisbury, these are some
of our school governors.

I thought it was best to invite
as many as…

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We’ve met before, actually.

He, um…

He arrested my son and husband.


Nice to meet you.

My force is joining with your force

to help catch these men. That’s it.

That’s all.

And I’m obviously aware

that one of the victim’s family is here,

and I thank you for that.

And we owe it to them

to bring those responsible to justice.


What’s this about you London lot

hiding police in our town
back then to spy on us?

– Is this true?
– I’m afraid I can’t comment on that.

It’s true! You can read
all about it online.

You can read about anything online!

Shut up, you!

And Gary Jackson knew.

That spy was passing on
false evidence against him.

Excuse me for language in a
school, genuinely, Mrs Harris,

but you are spouting absolute,
genuine NUM bullshit!

All right, ladies and gents…

Two people are dead, for Christ’s sake!

Have some feelings for her!

Someone’s been shot.


At the golf course.

Someone’s just posted about it.
They think it’s him.

All right, ladies and gents…

Two males, one female.

Around 7.45 this morning.
One arrow hit the cart,

the other hit the woman.

Amy Whitstable, 38, from Chesterfield.

Businesswoman. Runs a chain of hotels.

She’s on her way to King’s Mill now,
critical condition.

One male also treated for severe shock.

Second male’s over there.



How are you doing?

Hey, hey. It’s all right.

I’ll call Jenny for you.

Get her to meet you at the hospital.

We just became the police
capital of the entire country.

Can you bloody believe it?

What’s new? Owt or nowt?

They’re still at it.

Fired an arrow at some
golfers, mad bastard.

Oh, my God.

They’ll say we trained him.


People will know he used to come here.

He trained himself.
We’re an archery range.

We can’t take responsibility

for every crackpot nutjob
that comes up here.

To be fair, he did do us summat
of a favour, didn’t he?

I mean, I weren’t gonna
bloody kill Gary, obviously,

but he had torched our gear.

Scott just got in there first.

All right, Rory.

I got to know him a bit, didn’t I?

When he used to come up here, like.

He was into computers and stuff.

Here we go. All this again.

I just taught him some hacks
and shit, that’s all.

Sourced him some hardware
and viruses and that.

Can they trace it back to us,
what you gave him?

– You stupid arsehole!
– All right, Mickey.

So they’re gonna come knocking on
our door again, are they?

That’s magnificent work, that is!

You were on his list.

What, your dad?

Whose list?

Gary Jackson’s.

Remember what that miner
chap said the other night?

About someone spying for the police?

Someone who came here from elsewhere
back in the ’80s.

That could be you.

Oh, aye. Ex-copper!

Ha! Of course that’s me.

I came here cos my old man dragged me,

the whole family,

place to place, pit to pit,

and I vowed then

you’d never find me in a black hole
beneath the earth.

A different, better life for my sons.

And that is what I’m trying to protect.

Yeah, that’s what I’m trying
to protect, Dad.

My way, we’d be protected
from these unpredictable…


Oh, no.

My way?

Who are you, Frank Sinatra?

My way?

There is only our way.

The tide comes in, the tide goes out.

We rise together,

we fall together.

You just don’t get it!

Come wi’ me.

We’ll be back around teatime.

Just try and do
as your dad asks, all right?


What is it?

What’s up?

– Nothing. I’m just…
– It’s not nothing.

You’re upset.

Is it school?

Is it what’s going on here,
this… this man, these murders?


Is it a girl?

Who is she?

You’ll get cross.

So what? Stand up for yourself.

Cinderella Jackson.

Well, well.

I think she’s scared
of what everyone might say.

You know, about me.

Where I’m from.

Where you’re from?

I know what goes on here, Mum.

I’m not stupid.

I’m not blind.

Do you ever think about how
that affects me?

– And my…
– Hang on. Are you…

Are you… are you…
Are you trying to tell me…

Just look at me!

Are you trying to tell me…

…that you’re ashamed?


Oh, God.

Wait fucking here.


Got to get him today.

Get this lot out of here.

I think they’ve managed to
find everyone who’s camping

or using the forest,
bar one pair of backpackers.

It’s wrong…

kicking people out of here.

It’s supposed to be a public space.

Look, we need to follow up
with those people

that were attacked on the golf
course this morning. Now…

…Jacob Harris is a friend of
mine, so I can’t interview him.

I thought you could do it.

I know that’s awkward, given your, um…

You all right with that?

Yeah, course it’s all right.


Spread out!

Make more space.

You should have called us in
the minute you saw it.

We are on the same side.

– Yeah.
– So explain it to me again,

like I’m someone who doesn’t
understand kids’ video games.

Well, he typed… If it was him.

He typed this into my grandson’s thing…

“Robbie Platt”.

And I remembered that name from this.


There’s this photo.
It was in with Gary’s stuff.

Oh, God.


I was there.

That night, I remember…

Well, we all remember
that night, don’t we?


Right, well, thanks
for handing this in. I’ll…

– Yeah.
– I’ll get onto it.

Well, I know you’re really busy, but

I’ve just made a pot of tea.

– Do you fancy a cup?
– No. No.

Are you sure? You look a bit ragged.

All right.


Yeah. Yeah. Good.


There you go.


Um, I’m looking for work at the moment,

but it’s looking best to go
for, like, a graduate role…

Oh, I like this one.

You have to, um, come up with an answer

that nobody else would come up with.

It’s like the opposite
of Family Fortunes,

where you have to get the top answer.

So I’m going to go for…

I don’t suppose you get
much time for TV at home.

– No, not really.
– Mmm.

It’s right, James. You’ve done it!

So, yeah, say the question is, um,

name a David Bowie song,

the point is to not say
a really obvious one, like,


Oh, God, I dunno. My mind’s gone blank.

So that was a pointless example.

Not as in Pointless example.

– Five Years.
– What?

That’s a David Bowie song.

Oh! I didn’t know that,

– so that’s a pointless answer.
– Oh. All right, I’m sorry.

No, no!

No, as in that’s a good thing.

The point is… to be pointless.

I mean, that’s the whole…

– That’s the point.
– Right.

Do you get it?

Yes, I get it.


It’s right, James.

Oh, you’ve done it!
Down it goes to 21…

– I should go. Um…
– Oh, OK.

– Thanks for the tea.
– Fine.

Right, I’ll see you, Julie.


And, um…

Look after yourself.


Mr Harris.

Mrs Harris.

Hello again.


This morning at school.

DI Salisbury came in to have a word.

I actually already gave a statement
to one of your officers.

Ian. He’s an old pal.

Well, actually, they’re not my officers.

My name is DI Salisbury.

I’m a detective from
the Metropolitan Police.

How is she?

Well, they’ve stemmed
the bleeding. It was, um,

a flesh wound in the abdomen. Serious,

but they think any internal
damage will be limited.

These arrows…

Is it possible to recall
if he was aiming

at any one of you in particular?


The one that hit Amy
deflected off the golf cart.

So then it’s possible
that he was aiming at you?

Do you always play golf
together at this time every week?

Pretty much, yeah.

Might Scott Rowley know that?

How would he have known that?

Might he have followed you
to the course?

Driving from home?

I didn’t drive from home.

Jake was in Sheffield
last night for work.

What, you didn’t drive in
together? You and Amy?

No. Why would we?

Well, it’s just that, um,

Amy didn’t have a vehicle
in the car park.


OK, sorry.

My mind’s a bit, um…

Yeah. I did… I did, um,
pick her up from her house

on the way from my hotel.

So you arrived at the golf course,

as you said,

um, about… 7am,

which means that you would have had
to have left her house in

Chesterfield quite early.

We… we did leave hers…

…quite early. Um…

Maybe 6.15.

Which means that you would
have had to have checked out

of your hotel in Sheffield
at, what, 5.30am?

That’s committed.


We should, um…

Can we…?

Yeah, yeah. Of course.

Can I come in?

Where are your kids?

Grand kids.

Cindy’s at the rec
with her little brother.

Mmm. Nice place.

Thank you.

My son and your granddaughter are
having a thing.

They’re seeing each other.

No. She tells me everything.

She doesn’t.

Only our Ronan doesn’t think
he can see her

because of what he thinks
we’ll think of him.

And your girl doesn’t think
she can see him

because of what you’ll think of her

because of what you think of us.

I don’t think anything of you.

Up until this business a few days ago,

I were perfectly content
for our families

to be out of each other’s orbits.

It wasn’t always the case.

We used to rub alongside
each other quite a bit

back in the day –

me, you, your sister Cathy,

as wide-eyed young things.

Yeah. Well, that were then.

Haven’t your family always
been painted different too?

The angry strikers in a town
full of scabs.

– Don’t use that word.
– He did.

– Your husband.
– Yeah. He did.

But I don’t.

Well, she has my permission.

Cinderella. To come round,
see Ronan once in a while.

Unless you really do wanna
stand in their way.

Ball’s in your court.

All right.

All right, I’ll get back to you.


Look, I’ll get back to you.


That were Jacob Harris.

What were you doing,
asking about where he slept

and who he were with?

I was establishing what routine

he kept in order to…
I can’t believe this!

Is this about her?


You couldn’t resist, could
you? I knew it.

I’m taking a moment to stay calm…

…which is quite difficult…

…because it sounded like
you were accusing me

of gross unprofessionalism then.

Oh, well, given your track record.

I understand it’s tricky
that I accidentally

and without meaning to
exposed your friend’s affair,

for which I apologise.

But it’s not my responsibility.

It’s his.

And it’s not my business either.

It’s theirs.

And this has what, exactly,
to do with this investigation?

I was trying to establish

whether Scott was firing
at one of them in particular.

Lest we forget…

If this is what Scott’s up to,

searching for this spy,
for whatever reason,

then we need to get ahead of him.

We need to find out who it is.

We need to start talking to people
who know more about this

than we do.



You go…

You go back, yeah?

Yeah? Nah, nah, nah, nah.

You go back, yeah? No. No…

Fucking hell, Andy.

So, uh…

So, so wrong.

Run! Run!


Where? Where?

Fucking where, Andy?!

Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh…


Yeah, it was an accident.

Yeah, it’s an accident.


Explain… Oh, son…



Just, uh…

Just, uh…

Ha-Hand yourself to the police,

that policeman.


Yeah. OK.

Hello. Hi.

Jennifer Hale. The NUM.

Well, I was looking forward
to getting away,

but this is nicer than I’d hoped.

Yeah. Thanks for agreeing to talk to us

at such short notice.

Newstead Abbey,

it’s Lord Byron’s country pile.

Byron? Really?

“Adversity is the first path to truth.”

Sorry, I think we were expecting…

From the National Union
of Mineworkers, what?

Shaved head, stubble face, mucky hands?


Listen, did Byron have a kettle?

Cos I’m absolutely gasping.

I’m a retired – well, meant
to be retired – solicitor.

Though I’m sure the Home Office
would call me an activist

and all-round pain in the arse.


I work pro bono on everything

from the Orgreave Truth
and Justice campaign

to this new inquiry into
undercover policing,

of which the NUM are core participants.

So the NUM, it really thinks that
the government of the day

and the police put undercover officers

into mining communities?

It really does. Yes.

I do.

The SDS were an elite
and top-top-secret unit

operating inside Scotland Yard

from 1968 all the way to 2008.

There are 40 million pages
of intelligence gathered

that we’re still trawling through.

Yeah, but all police forces use
undercover officers,

not just the Met.

I mean, your lot do.

Against organised crime, yes.

These operatives penetrated
political groups

the Government didn’t like.

This is something different.

This is political policing

against non-violent,

law-abiding members
of the public. You and me.

Your neighbours. Friends.

They entered our workplaces,

had a drink at the pub,

popped into your child’s birthday party,

all the while documenting your lives.

Of course, this whole thing
was only uncovered

after the controversy
over sexual misconduct.

Spy cops formed relationships with
their targets,

in some cases fathering children.

Those women don’t mince their words

about what they went through.

It was rape by the state.

If there is a spy cop
still in the village

lying to friends and family,

then I need to know who they are.

We think this killer
is after them, so…

if I can identify them,

then I can possibly save their life.

Look, I’m with you,

but the odds of you getting
any names out of the Met

are somewhere between
unlikely and fat chance, mate.

The inquiry granted anonymity to
nearly all ex-spy cops

if they cooperated.

And I’ll be honest with you…

…we want those testimonies.
We need their cooperation

if we’re to get to the truth of it all.

So that we can get angry about it

and then grieve

and then heal.

God, we’re an old country.

Look at this place.

So much past.

Which means, unfortunately,
quite a lot of mistakes.

But it’s not the getting things
wrong that’s the problem.

It’s this sweeping
under the carpet of it all

and refusing to just bloody look at it

and learn from it.

When the Thatcher
government’s Cabinet papers

were released under the 30-year rule,

even I, a mad cynic,
needed a stiff drink.

It’s all there in black and white.

The Ridley Report.

By a future Tory Secretary of State.

They wanted that strike.

They wanted to change
the political landscape

of this country away from collectivism

towards deregulated market forces.

And reasonable people can agree or
disagree with that shift.

The point is, in order to
achieve it, they needed a war.

They needed to…

and I quote…

provoke a strike in
nationalised industries.

And they picked coal.

And they won.

And this country changed.


And Christ…

…if they used spies
to stir up trouble,

tear people apart…

…well, you never stood a chance.

Hillsborough. The miners’ strike.

Phone hacking.

Stephen Lawrence.

Some of the most unsavoury
aspects of British policing

over the last half a century

that we are managing
to drag out of the darkness

and into the light.

It all demands justice.

And you know what?

You do too.

Keep going.

From what she told us,

this spy could be anyone
who joined the community

before or during the strike,

immersed themselves in order to spy
on potential militants

or agitators.

Yeah, well, we know the people that
Scott was tracking online, remember?

Following Gary’s trail.


Obvious candidate – Fred Rowley.

It says that he was relocated
from Silverdale

to Bentinck pit in ’83,

but maybe that’s his cover story.


There’s also Andy Fisher.

Scott fired at his train.

And now he’s a murderer himself,

maybe to cover something up.

Yeah. He was a lifelong resident
of the village, though.

Look, I know you think my judgment’s
clouded on this, but…

Jacob Harris is a resident

who relocated here
around that time, isn’t he?

Yeah, but he wasn’t undercover, was he?

He was in uniform. I trained with him.

We’re looking for a spy.

Well, anyone else you
remember from that period

seemingly turning up out of the blue?

There were lots of families
relocated here at that time.

Nottinghamshire – it was modern
pits, it was a rich coalfield.

It was a good thing, you know,
families arriving.

That’s how I met my wife, actually.

What, Helen’s from mining stock?

Worse – management.

Her mum worked for the coal board.

So, do you want me to put
her name down as well?

No, no, no.

Although everyone’s a suspect.


Your son…

He came into my house.

What did he want?

I don’t know.

Mess with our heads.

I don’t know what he’s doing,
what he wants. Do you?

Oh, Julie, I’m so sorry.

I don’t know why I’m here, really.

Just thought it’s a bit odd
that we’re all, you know,

going through something and
we’re going through it alone,



Well, is one of you going to
offer me a fucking drink, or what?


Anyway, sit down.

Why’s that, then, Helen?


Yeah, I made some breakfast…

Oh, great. I’ll just have one…


Oh, yeah.

Have you got everything…?

Yeah, I’ve got maps, tea, snacks…

– Down there?
– Yeah.

Hey, stop! Hey!

Hey, come back!


Hello. It’s…

It’s… Andy.

Andy Fisher. I know
I’m calling my own phone

and leaving a message on my own
answering machine, but…

This is a message… for Neel.

I know you…

…won’t forgive me
for the thing that I…

…I really didn’t mean to do.

I didn’t mean to… to run.

I just…

I didn’t know what else to do.

But I want to come back.

I want to come in.

I want to be found.

And then I’ll accept whatever’s coming.

And… I’m sorry.

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.


So, anyway, I’ve got a phone.

You can track my phone and…

…maybe I’ll get to a road,
or something,

and flag someone down, but, um…

…I’m ready.

I’m ready for the consequences.

OK, so we don’t necessarily
have our name

but what do we have? Thanks.

Gary circled this person here.

His name – Robbie Platt.

The same name that Scott typed into
a little lad’s video game.

That’s two mentions of the
name Robbie Platt.

Yeah, but there is no Robbie Platt
locally. I’ve searched.

Yeah, but if he is an example
of a Met spy

posted into the coalfields in ’84,

then maybe someone from my lot
remembers who they are.

Either way…

…I think it’s time I looked
my force in the eye

and asked ’em.

Well, go for it.

At platform 2

will be the 12.25 service
to London St Pancras.

You don’t consider this

to have moved beyond the parameters

of what you were sent up
there to achieve?

If this person was working
as an undercover officer

during that time,

then presumably all he was doing

was the task assigned to him, Kevin,

and he shouldn’t, decades later,

be dragged into an active investigation.

Yeah, I know, but I just need

to speak to some senior officers,

most of them probably retired.

Anyone from that period
who might recognise…

…this fella.

Off the record.

That looks like Raggett.

Bill Raggett. We were in
Special Operations together

in the ’90s.
He retired 10 or 15 years ago.

Where is he?

– Bill?
– Yeah?

Sorry to bother you so late.

Late? Huh!

Not late enough.

Another couple of weeks, I reckon.

Then it would have been
much too late for you.

Ask your questions, Inspector.

Do you recognise this person?


Just barely.


…you were Robbie Platt.

Robbie Platt…

…is a dead child
from Peterborough, I think.

That’s how it worked.

We’d squat in the identities
of dead kids.

Who’s “we”?

“We”, in our case,

in 1984,

were five of us.






Romantic poets.

My idea, as it happens.

You haven’t been asked
to testify to the inquiry?

Why would I?

I ain’t done nothing wrong.

I did the job that was asked of me,

behaved myself,

came home.

Culture and standards change.

And I’m glad that they do.

But I will not be publicly
dragged onto the altar

of hand-wringing virtue signallers.

I did my job.

I think one of your team might
have done something wrong.

How’s that?

Did one of you stay?

Stay? What do you mean?

Did one of you five
stay up at the coalfields?

With a false identity?

How would that even work?

Why didn’t your unit extract them,
pull ’em back in?

Everyone came back.

We all did.


I should have seen it.

They were trouble from the start.



“Love seeketh not itself to please…

“Nor for itself hath any care…

“But for another gives its ease…

“And builds a Heaven…

“ Hell’s despair.”

I might need you to come in.

Come in? Where?

I’ve got weeks to fucking live,
and I would…

…I would actually quite like that

to be my legacy.

For my family.

Not this.

We need your help.

And I’ve said no.

And I’m not asking.

Excuse me.

– Hello?
– DI Salisbury?

It’s Helen St Clair.

Oh, uh…

Uh… Hi.

You’re… looking for me.

There are people who, when
certain questions are asked,

certain enquiries made…

…they have to contact me
for my safety.

You know my name is not my name.

Yeah, well, I haven’t actually
got that far yet. Your, um…

Your files are restricted.

Have you spoken to my husband yet?

I think we should talk.
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